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Clean Offset is a Python-based tool for Nuke that generates TimeOffset nodes to cleanup unwanted objects from a plate.

These unwanted objects has to be in movement since the tool takes the nearby frames to fill the mask area.

Step by step guide :

  1. Stabilize your plate if there is any camera movements.

  2. Draw a rough roto or choose an alpha matte that surrounds the desired object(s).

  3. Connect the plate to the input named "BG". Add a shuffle node and set the alpha to "black" if it isn't already.

  4. Connect the roto or the alpha matte to the input named "Mask".

  5. Enter the number of nearby frames desired in the "Frame Count" knob. The slower the object is moving, the higher the Frame Count need to be.

Pros :

  • Can remove an object in less than 2 minutes.

  • Keep the original grain of the footage.

  • Possibility to choose between a constant or an exponential increment for the offsets.

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